Our Core Values

  1. Jesus Christ—the Head of the church and central to all we do.
  2. The Holy Spirit—empowers us for ministry and develops our character.
  3. The Bible—God’s infallible Word and final authority for all matters of faith and conduct.
  4. Evangelism—Lost and needy people matter to God and to us. We seek to bring them to know God through community outreaches, missions and church planting.
  5. Ministry—the church to operate as a unified community of servants, fully equipped to humbly and faithfully steward their spiritual gifts, abilities, skills, time, money and resources for the common good.
  6. Love & authenticity—to permeate relationships across all genders, cultures, generations and socio-economic status.
  7. Spiritual growth—every believer should yearn for continuous growth and become a fully devoted disciple of Christ.
  8. Church culture—We promote mutual acceptance, cultural relevance & doctrinal purity.
  9. Prayer & worship—Personal and corporate prayer & worship undergird all we do and is expressed in our lifestyle.
  10. Family—the church functions as the family of God.